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What is employee leasing?


Entering into a co-employment agreement with the right staffing vendor or PEO can have a number of benefits. This list is not exhaustive of the benefits that a co-employment or employee leasing relationship might include since every contract will read differently (and so will your business needs vary).

How is this different than a temp-to-hire service?


With Employee Leasing, these are your employees! You will enter a co-employer agreement with Ingenuitas which allows you to attract and retain high quality employees through the addition of quality benefits without adding exorbitant costs.



Top 3 Benefits of Employee Leasing

Benefit 1: Access to better services

Be it better benefits or a higher quality of employees, co-employment is designed to give a business access to superior services than it could find or create on its own. For example, a staffing agency might supply you with a front desk person who has 20 years of experience and enjoys temping. It could be difficult and time consuming to find such an individual on your own. A PEO works with large, reputable benefit providers, so you know you are getting the best options for your employees whether it’s health insurance, payroll processing, or a 401(k) plan.

Benefit 2: Freedom to focus on running the business

Recruiting employees and doing HR tasks like payroll and worker’s compensation take away time and resources from running your business. Co-employers help solve those problems and let you focus on business development.

Benefit 3: Potential cost reductions

Having a full-time recruiter, HR manager, or working with an insurance broker can be expensive for a small business. Working with a co-employer can reduce these costs. This is because your small business gets pooled together with other businesses that are enrolled in the PEO, so the co-employer can often help you provide benefits for less.

What does Employee Leasing look like?

Client’s responsibilities:

  • Supervise and direct their day to day work

  • Control work site conditions, ensuring the site is safe

  • Determine the length of the assignment

Agency responsibilities:

  • Work authorization check (I-9 and e-Verify)

  • Pre-screening, reference check, behavioral assessment, drug screening, background check, etc.

  • Hiring and firing

  • Establishing pay rates

  • Paying the worker and all related payroll taxes and benefits

  • Providing workers’ compensation and unemployment coverage

  • Assigning and reassigning workers to jobs

  • Complying with wage and hour laws and other employment regulations

  • Obtains job descriptions and selects qualified candidates

  • Maintains regular contact with the temporary workers and provides performance feedback to them

  • Handles all personnel issue and maintains all “personnel files”

  • Manages all workers’ problems or concerns directly

  • Ensures that all workers are properly trained.